MiniUPS4RPI is a board designed to be mounted on the more known mini-computer Raspberry Pi. Its main functionality is to give a few minutes of power in case it fails.

It is not intended as a second power supply, but to prevent the corruption of files or processes in the event of a power failure.

When power fails, the MiniSAI4RPI microcontroller sends a command to the Raspberry Pi indicating what happened, as well as the battery charge, so that at all times it has information about the remaining time of power. It is designed so that when this situation occurs, the Raspberry Pi will switch off “elegantly” until energy recovers.

The average time estimate is that with the 300mAh battery, the Raspberry Pi will be able to be fed between 5 and 20 minutes.

It also has a pushbutton that allows you to send the command on and off. There is a connection on the board to mount another external pushbutton that performs the same function.

You can see a demo in the next video:

This project is included in a Kickstarter campaign. You can access to it thru this link: